Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free the turtles!

This was such a super experience, and can't believe I didn't do this in the last 5 years. My friend Laura has been working for her university hours with the foundation that saves the turtles. She does everything from office work to gathering eggs in the middle of the night. She gave me an experience of a lifetime to free some of the little guys & gals. We went out to the Playa de Marlin and met up with around 70 people, most of them volunteers. A lot is educating young kids the importance of this, so I just stood beside them and learned. The 1st turtle I got to hold was the one I thought I got to free. I already named her Bertha.

Then Bertha went back into the bucket we walked down to the beach where I was given another little one. So, I named him Wilbur, I know you are all thinking where does she come up with these names? He was fiesty and ready to hit the waters, then they counted down and we released them to the ocean. Amazing fact only 1 of 100 make it to 3 years old. I'm sure Wilbur is going to be one of those, he was a fighter, and I gave him a kiss and said to come back to visit.

What a unique experience we get to have living in the beautiful Caribbean. I would have never had this pleasure as all the million of other treats I always talk about if I wouldn't have taken the chance to move here. My life is unique, full of surprises, and full of love from the great people around me, and I thank God to have let me have this opportunity.

Okay, next, whale sharks!!!! I'll keep you posted, Jesus is out doing a night dive right now, wish I was there, but got the admin side of the house to take care of...Take care until next time....

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