Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boy, am I slow at updating.

So sorry, to be so late, I will do better. Eagle Rays have been in and what a sight to see. Thanks to all my friends who do check out my blog, will start updating again regularly.


Cynthia said...

Eagle Rays! Awesome - so what are the requirements to be able to see them? Do I have to be certified? Also what time of year do I need to come down if I want to see them?

becki said...

Lisa, What an awsome sight to see. I just returned from Kona ware we saw several manta rays on our night dives. I am trying to plan a dive trip in Nov.2009 to your area. Any help or direction from you would be great. We are both advanced certified divers.thanks

Ryan said...

This an amazing sight to see. What wreck is that? I shall be in cancun in a couple of weeks time and im sure im gonna do a dive..would love to see this view.